I grew up in Eastern Ontario in Belleville, Napanee, and Trenton. My father was a hospital lab technician so I grew up visiting hospitals and playing with microscopes. In high school I was active on student government and competed in public speaking and science fair competitions. A bachelor of science at Redeemer Reformed Christian College followed. Redeemer is a liberal arts university in Ancaster (near Hamilton). While about 50% of my course work was science I also enjoyed courses in the humanities and arts. Starting in 1991 and finishing in 1996, I took 5 years to do a 4 year degree because I was having too much fun on student government to be a full time student.

It was at Redeemer that I met and married Elizabeth Anne Avery. She is a most beautiful and intelligent woman whom I remain madly in love with.

Medical school was completed at Queen’s University from 1996 to 2000. Our only child, a son named Stephan, was born in second year of medical school. The whole 4 years is a bit of a blur.

My obstetrics and gynecology training was completed in Ottawa. During the 5 year program I delivered just over 1000 babies and performed hundreds of surgeries. I used most of my elective times to travel and do ob/gyn in southern Africa, the Caribbean, northern Ontario and northern British Columbia.

After starting practice in Centre and North Wellington County I pursued a Master’s in Health Science from the Joint Centre for Bioethics at the University of Toronto. This was completed in 2007.

I currently practice ob/gyn in the rural communities of Centre and North Wellington. My office is in Fergus and I operate and deliver at Groves Community Memorial Hospital. I sit on several hospital committees. One or two days a week I travel to Palmerston and Mount Forest to operate and see patients.

I am an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at McMaster University. In addition to supervising medical and midwifery students during ob/gyn rotations, I teach ethics and ob/gyn topics to the medical students and residents.

Seeking to integrate my faith and the practice of medicine I have been involved since medical school with the Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada. I have served in the past as president of that organization.

In all of my medical, administrative, academic, and personal activities I seek to serve Christ by serving the needs of others who cross my path. I hope to be known for exceptional dedication to education, steadfast commitment to rural health care, and unwavering examination of the ethical issues confronting our specialty.

How can I serve you?